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About DAAC

DAAC App is an initiative from Doomshell Academy of Advance Computing. In the present scenario, the most difficult task for each professional specially for fresher is to find a good job, without investing money in any consultancy. Hence DAAC came up with the solution. People who will have the most advantage will be:-
Job Seekers
Professional, who want to switch.

Project Highlight

  1. Most frequently asked Interview Questions
  2. Job Opportunity Updates
  3. Video Tutorials
  4. Enrol for Educational Event.
  5. Many more services are about to come.

Solution Provided

  1. Student's Login
  2. Student's Profile
  3. Student can view his assignment
  4. Student can view interview preparation question subject wise and also have an option to check the correct answer
  5. Student can give a mock interview, bookmark any questions, select right answer and finish the exam
  6. Student can view his result for mock interview, rank, and share the result on social media option
  7. Student can view admin added job opportunities, videos and lectures

Web Panel Features

  1. Admin Login
  2. Admin can add multiple institutes
  3. Admin can add & manage students Admin can add & manage teachers
  4. Admin can add & manage batches & Class Information
  5. Admin can add & manage exam results, mock interview questions/answers & marks, videos and guest lectures

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