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eboxTENDERS is bidding (auction and reverse auction) portal where the sellers and buyers across the world were invited to participate in the eTender. The buyers with the tender requirements and tender documents are allowed to create tender in a particular category and invited suppliers can place the bid for the tender.

Project Highlight

  1. Three separate part for Auction, Reverse Auction and Listing.
  2. Simplified and Intuitive End-User Experience.
  3. Buyer Add a tender in specific category and subcategory.
  4. Arrange pre qualification process for supplier and invite supplier via Email for bidding.
  5. Supplier purchase tender document by Cheque or online payment.
  6. Supplier put bid on tender.
  7. Buyer creates evaluation criteria and invite Evaluators for evaluation.
  8. In Reverse Auction each supplier can only bid less than the latest bid added by any supplier.

Solution Provided

  1. Auction management console where users or admin can mange products and listings, controlling all required information.
  2. Easy to use admin console that allows you to keep track of bids placed, auctions won, prices, user history and more.
  3. Online payment integration to purchase tender documents.
  4. Evaluation process provides ranking to suppliers and on the basics’ of rank buyer can hire any supplier.
  5. Tender winner and participants get email notification about the tender result. 100% secure and protected system with encryption and SSL integration, ensuring customer/seller peace of mind.

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