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The client has started EDS for a simple reason, he loves food, and displaying pictures are the gateway to connect people with tasty dishes. One night, the client was searching restaurant pages while craving a juicy ribeye steak and it took much time to find specific dishes. Sometimes, people spot the great dish, but have no clue what it called and thus, EDS has developed that lets users to see the food that they want to eat and where they can ordered and delivered at the door.

Project Highlight

  1. Order food at doorstep with a single tap or by address search or by postal code
  2. Easy menu and product options that helps to find food items easily
  3. View menus, pictures, discount, user reviews, and all the other information
  4. User create their profile and manage their account and save card details, & address
  5. Third party payment gateway PayPal integration

Solution Provided

  1. We provided Quick & Easily enter a suburb and postal code base search
  2. Choose from a huge variety of cuisines
  3. Get special deals and discounts
  4. Pay by cash, credit card or PayPal
  5. Choose pick up or delivery
  6. Get an instant order confirmation via email and SMS
  7. Allow customers the liberty to select delivery times based on their own con-venience

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