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Today, where people are busy with their jobs, extracting some time to complete their daily routine, is quite hard. Witnessing such busy going the life of the people, the client approached Doomshell Software to develop a platform that proves to be a boon for such person that lacks time. The main aim of the client was to develop an Android and website that help users to request deliveries of their grocery items easily at their address in real time. The app is available in English language and designed for the Canada audience only.

Project Highlight

  1. Delivery search by postal code
  2. Add/Save multiple address details and card details
  3. View order receipt
  4. Payment gateway: PayPal
  5. Chose delivery date and time
  6. Reviews and ratings for service
  7. Admin view list of accepted, cancelled, completed, pending and in-progress orders

Solution Provided

  1. Our system saves all information which they entered during registration even it also save all users order and admin can able to check all of this information and can generate a report for it.
  2. In this system, the user needs to enter a valid postal code (v6g123) because client gives his services in the limited area, in case user enter any other postal code in that case system also save user data in the different table.
  3. Our system adds VAT and delivery charge (manage by admin) on total shopping. The user can able to chose his delivery day and time and site owner can manage it from the back end.
  4. We have integrated single payment gateway PAYPAL.
  5. The site owner can manage all the data ie. payment, product category/subcategory, delivery day & time, orders, reports (Users, payment, sale, order by city, ordered by customers many much more).

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