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Client is on a mission to help people make the most of their free time, by connecting them to the people and places that matter most to them, in any given moment. Designed a revolutionary software suite for taxi services that streamlines daily dispatcher activities, as well as provides drivers and customers with tools for convenient interactions, including ride requests, payments, and real-time driver tracking.

Project Highlight

  1. Register using the vehicle details that he owns and by selecting the service types he offers.
  2. Go Online and offline whenever required based on his availability.
  3. Receive request from user and Accept / reject the ride based on this convenience.
  4. Start and end Ride with a user and chat with him once the ride is accepted.
  5. Finally get the fare summary and rate the user Claim his profit from the app and payment request.
  6. Attractive and useful dashboard Live tracking of each driver.
  7. Multiple masters to manage accounts, drivers, penalty, promo code, rating, service, tariff, trip etc.

Solution Provided

  1. Smart, easy and effective handling of heavy traffic.
  2. More attractive UI that attracts the customers and drivers.
  3. Smarter and efficient transport system.
  4. Fast and Convenient Hassle free payment on ride and cancellation charges.
  5. High ROI & Operational efficiency.
  6. FreshRush Grocery Delivery App.

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