Education Management ERP Software & App Development – Cost and Features

Classes, subjects, timetable, exam category, results, homework, and many more things are part of a teachers’ day to day life. Similarly, students have to do their homework, submit their assignments, as well as, like to learn and participate in extra-curricular activities (ECA). At the same time, parents need to know about their child’s daily attendance, school events, yearly fees, class tests, exam results, and more. Therefore, there are a lot of things that a school intends to cater to.

Managing these aspects of a student, administration, and parents’ life can become a tedious task. However, with the advent of the internet and education management software, everything has become much easier. But, before we go ahead, let us learn a bit more about this software, its features, and costs.

What is a School Management ERP System?

A School Management ERP System or a school management system, more commonly referred to as an ERP (enterprise resource planning) is a software to manage all databases related to school. This includes all work related to parents, teachers, students, and all school departments. The fundamentals of an ERP helps parents, teachers, students, and all school departments stay connected with each other.

This means parents can learn about their due fees through the ERP application or website. At the same, teachers can give assignments to students on the systems. On the other hand, students can complete, submit assignments and review their marks as well as remarks with the help of the software. Also, ERP apps help parents and students to learn about activities or events happening at their school. Students can participate in these events by submitting their details. Thereafter, all results will be displayed on the app.

Now let’s learn about the features of a school administration software. The features include:

Manage Everything

Whether it is attendance, or checking the ledger for discrepancies, an ERP for school allows managing everything. At the same time, it saves time of the admin to school for an account discrepancy or a teacher to view reports. On the other hand, ERP for school also allows students to check their own reports and remarks. Even parents can view their child’s marks in a subject or even athletic scores.

Direct Communication with Anyone Related to a School

As mentioned earlier, an ERP developed by a school management software development company like Doomshell helps to communicate with all parties. This includes students, staff, faculty, admin, and parents. Thus, an admin can notify parents about their outstanding fees and parents can use the ERP software to make online payments. Additionally, exam declaration, holiday notifications, and other activities can be shared with all parties just like on a notice board at school.

Document Management

A number of documents are involved in the lives of a school. These include documents to be submitted for administration, mark sheets, reports, remarks, and more. This is mandatory for all schools to function properly. ERP software helps to submit as well as view these documents online without the need to visit the school.

Saves Time

ERP school software allows everything to be done on time. It allows documentation, reporting, analytics, communication and management of everything related to the school. Therefore, it saves the time of the parents, teachers, staff, faculty, and admin.

Apparently, there are many vendors in the market that develop school ERP software. The cost of software depends on many factors such as:


The number of features required in a school ERP software varies from one school to another. It also depends on the number of departments, faculty, and staff. A primary school may not need the features of a high school.

Total Number of Users

Nowadays, school ERP software created by Doomshell, a company that provides education ERP software development services can depend on the number of users. The users usually include parents, teachers, faculty, staff, alumni, admins, and students. The total number of these users varies from one educational institution to another.

Help Desk and Maintenance

Lastly, and more importantly, most primary schools usually don’t have a help desk or customer care support. An ERP software for school can have a 24×7 support or chat system. At the same time, the software can also face bugs at times, therefore, it is necessary to have all-round maintenance. The cost of maintaining the software and help desk support may depend on the availability of time, and maintenance requirements. Custom app development services provided by Doomshell offer help desk and maintenance support.


To conclude, an ERP software for school is very beneficial for all members related to the school. It is also critical to manage, organize, document, notify, and learn about anything related to the school. It is also a cost savior for the school and its benefits outweigh its overall cost of development, implementation, and features.