Google Assistant on iPhone: What will it try this Siri can’t?

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because of a standalone app out there on Apple’s App Store, {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} take full advantage of Google Assistant and begin barking commands at it such as you can with Siri

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is Google’s version of associate assistant – a bit like Apple has Siri and Microsoft has Cortana and Amazon has Alexa and Samsung has Bixby then on. Pocket-lint has associate in-depth orientate Google Assistant that details everything you would like to understand, together with that devices and apps it’s presently found in, however it works, what it will do, and therefore the forms of practicality it offers per device.

How will Google Assistant on iPhone work?


First, transfer the free Google Assistant app from Apple’s App Store and log in to your Google account. it’ll invite access to varied permission as you are attempting to use completely different options. this might mean Bluetooth, location and notifications. Then, you will be delivered to the chat screen within the app and told concerning the categories of belongings you will raise. If you would like facilitate or what to understand a lot of concerning what Google Assistant will do, simply ask: “What are you able to do?”

Ask a matter

To raise a matter, faucet the electro-acoustic transducer icon at very cheap of the chat screen and raise your question, or faucet the keyboard icon to the proper of the electro-acoustic transducer icon to cite a keyboard and manually input your question to Google Assistant.

Discover/Your Stuff

Google Assistant is not just concerning responsive queries, it is also concerning transfer you helpful data and reminders after you want them. On very cheap tab of the Assistant app you will see associate icon that appears a touch like associate receptacle. faucet thereon and you may see a feed of helpful data and suggestions. this could contain reminders or calendar events, similarly as today’s weather and any major or public holidays developing.

In the prime right corner you will see a circle fingernail image. sound this takes you to your account and Assistant settings.


What will Assistant try this Siri can’t?

Settings can allow you to add payment choices and manage devices and services (like your Google Home or Spotify account), alter your personal data, originated routines for you smarthome, amendment your assistant voice and far, much more.

For the needs of this guide, we’re specializing in however Google Assistant on the iPhone compares to Siri on the iPhone.

Launching your assistant

When you 1st launch the Google Assistant app on your iPhone, you have got to log in to a Google account. Siri does not have this step after you 1st use it on the iPhone, though, technically, it quietly works with the Apple ID you accustomed sign into your device.

Calls and texts

The first obvious distinction is that Siri is baked into iOS, whereas Google Assistant may be a standalone app you would like to transfer. you’ll be able to simply access Siri by holding down the iPhone’s power button or speech ‘Hey Siri’, however with Google Assistant (and Cortana, Alexa, and every one different third-party assistants), you would like to launch a separate app. you’ll be able to originated a Siri cutoff to create it accessible through Siri tho’. Of course, this is often completely different to robot phones. Google Assistant is instantly there and prepared. Some phones even have an ardent Assistant button.

If you are questioning whether or not you’ll be able to create a decision or send a message on the iPhone with Google Assistant, you can, however it is not precisely seamless. after you say, “Call Dad,” as an example, Assistant can cite his name and launch a call you’ll be able to then cancel or make sure. If you say, “Text Dad,” it asks for your message and launches your Messages app. Siri will send messages while not gap associate app.

Playing music

You can play music victimisation Google Assistant, but again, the expertise is wooly. after you 1st raise Google Assistant to play music, it will raise you to decide on between Apple Music and YouTube as a default. we have a tendency to selected YouTube and same, “Play AC/DC.” It then launched the YouTube app and contend a random song from the band. we have a tendency to went back to Assistant and same “Play Father John Misty,” and it served up a listing of albums.

At that time we have a tendency to asked Assistant to play a thusng “on Apple Music” and it did so. From what we are able to tell it switched Apple Music to our default. we have a tendency to then could not decipher a way to amendment YouTube to the default once more. So, this feature still desires tweaking, in our opinion. Now, with Siri, you’ll be able to raise it to play music, and it will invariably play it on Apple Music and provides you the choice to open Apple Music.

Google apps

Google Assistant works well with Google’s own apps. you’ll be able to send associate email through Gmail (say UN agency you would like to send the e-mail to, and it will open the Gmail app; invite directions with Google Maps rather than Apple’s maps, etc). Now, with Siri, your email can invariably undergo Apple’s Mail app and may be shunned gap the app, however you’ll be able to conjointly raise Siri to open some third-party apps, together with Google Maps.


There ar some iOS restrictions that limit what Google Assistant will do. The inbox tab within the Google Assistant app lists that you simply set reminders, an agenda, and a looking list. However, Google Assistant still cannot set alarms, launch the camera to require selfies (or launch any app on command), post to social networks like Twitter or Facebook, decision a ride-hailing app like Ubers or Lyft, etc.

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