Mobile App Development: Top 5 Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Mobile App Development: Top 5 Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Over the years, people have tremendously become dependent on mobile applications to meet their daily needs. Mobile apps have also opened up opportunities for people looking for a steady income or even profit in their businesses. Mobile app development company’s in India have grown to understand this rising need of the hour and have demonstrated it by bringing new & user based apps into the market.

However, there is a constant and growing competition between the web and mobile apps, as the customer base is quite versatile. Many times, customers struggle to make a choice between a website and a mobile app. This has been genuinely understood by sellers and mobile app development company in India. Therefore, most companies simply cater to both websites and mobile apps.

At this point, social media apps like Uber, Google Maps, PayPal, and Quora have become the big leagues in the mobile apps industry. Therefore new companies have started doing their businesses using these apps, to share their achievements over social media and launch their venture spectacularly. At the same time, companies are using these apps to stay ahead of their competition.

Noticeably, there are many apps that paved their way in the online domain under diverse sectors. These apps have also attained spectacular growth in their domain.

But, the question is “what makes the difference?”. The only difference between the newbies, struggling apps and leaders in the app market is that the ones that lead stay tuned with the market trends, and integrate their apps with the latest technology.

So, Here is the List of Top 5 Mobile App Trends to Watch Out For in 2020:

Augment & Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual realities initially started up in the gaming niche. However, with time players like Apple and Google have made advanced in these technologies and have taken it to the next big level. Both AR and VR are highly being used on social platforms for branding and targeting customers. On-demand applications are making use of AR to showcase digital elements through a live view through the use of smartphone cameras. On the other hand, VR is a completely different game-changer.

VR is allowing the user to immerse themselves into a virtual reality whilst shutting everything else off.  Apps like Pepperfry, Carwale, and Amazon are already taking advantage of AR. While CaratLane, Makaan, and Lenskart are some of the known VR apps.

The Invention of Smart Things

The term ‘Smart Things’ essentially came into knowing with the Internet of Things (IoT), which is nothing more than a network of physical objects embedded with sensors, electronics, and software that are interconnected within the network. Many big brands like

Xiaomi, Samsung, Honeywell, and Bosch are already big market shareholders in IoT technology. Also, the industry is supposed to generate a revenue of $1.335 trillion US dollars by 2020. IoT has become full-fledged and entered into healthcare, self-driving cars, routers equipped through enhanced security, smart roads, smart homes, and more.

AI & Machine Learning

Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are ruling the mobile app arena for quite some time now. As per Doomshell, a website development company in India

AI has manifested in the form of Chatbots. Meanwhile, apps like ‘Siri’ seem to combine both AI & Machine Learning. In 2019, the number of organizations that significantly cater to AI technology has grown profitability. The invention of AI and Machine Learning has enabled companies to reduce their operational expenses in a number of ways.

Also, according to IDC more than 75% of people using ERP are soon going to leverage AI capabilities in order to enhance their proficiency at their workplace. As of now, it seems that AI and Machine Learning holds a good future in the mobile app segment. AI-enabled chips, AI-automated DevOps through AIOps, and Interoperability among the neural networks are some of the works that we have already witnessed in AI and Machine Learning.

The Invention of Mobile Wallets

Doomshell, a mobile app development company in India fosters React Native Development, IOS Development, Android Development, and Ionic Development. As per the company, apps offering mobile payment solutions will substantially grow with each passing. However, the major concern for wallet apps is to securely complete the transaction within the shortest span of time. The current scenario establishes a mobile wallet industry of 2 billion users, but this is expected to grow exponentially as new wallets get introduced.

On-Demand Services

One of the most anticipated app models growing and is expected to grow more in 2020 is the on-demand service model. Apps like Porter, Zimmber, JustDial, UrbanClao, and others have increased the requirement for the on-demand applications.

Upcoming companies and future startups should follow through with these ongoing trends if they are about to enter the mobile industry. In order to connect better with the trends and industry, they should contact Doomshell to get the best apps developed for their company.