Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Game Development THAT EVERYONE LOVES TO PLAY

Pokemon Go, PUBG, Candy Crush, Ludo, Chess, Sudoku, Snooker, and so many other mobile games are available nowadays. Everyone at least knows or has definitely played one or more mobile games at some point in life. A report by TechCrunch stated that by the end of 2019, the mobile gaming market is expected to $152 billion. Also, 45% of this market will be due to mobile gaming. Therefore, the mobile gaming industry is on a serious rise.

As a result, gaming enthusiast is gaining more interest in the field of mobile game app developers. But, if you have a keen interest in mobile game app development then should probably learn about game development and its phases, such as:

The Pre-Production Phase

If you are going to make a mobile game app, then you need to have a pre-production stage. This will inculcate two major factors namely, picturizing your idea and creating an outline for your story.

Picturizing Your Idea

Before you go any further, you should have a keen picture of your mobile game. The idea should grab the attention of your audience so that you or your company are able to generate revenue.

Outlining the Idea and the Story

Once you have finished jotting down the most suitable idea for your mobile game development company, then you should make a few outlines. This should include a story, character, advancements, stages, weapons, etc. This will help your audience to enjoy the game and keep it interesting.

The Production Phase

The production phase will inculcate four phases namely, selecting the devices and platforms, designing the game, developing and monetizing.

Selecting the Devices and Platforms

The three things required to develop a mobile game app are software, tools, and platform. This means if you need to start a mobile game development company in India you need to have the right framework and software. Thereafter, you need to pick these tools to create a game design, graphics, engines, and sounds. At times, you can find free tools to manage them, but you will definitely need to purchase a few online packages.

Designing the Game

Once you have selected the devices and platforms for the game, then you need to design the game. This requires planning the architecture and design of the game. Also, think about the manifolds that your mobile game app should have. However, do note that the slightest mistake could make you start designing the game from the beginning.

Developing the Game

The third step involves developing a game prototype to test all the ideas, stories, tools, and design inculcated in the game. Thereafter, your game designers and engineers will incorporate full features in the game. This will involve a lot of programming languages and game engines. Apart from engineers who will be constantly working on developing source codes and game mechanics, you will also require modelers and artists. They will work on game environments and characters.


The fourth most important stage of the production stage of a mobile game for a mobile game app developers is monetization. You need this stage to recover money from your investments and endeavors. Therefore, before releasing the game you should think about the factors through which it can generate revenue for you. For example, you can add fees to remove ads or promote ads. Secondly, you can separate the premium version for the general one for payment. Thirdly, you can add your apps to the in-app buy for all device audiences.

The Post Production Stage

The final stage of the game will be launching the game. However, prior to launching the game, you should test the game to check for bugs, fundamental changes, and smooth experience. Also, ask your testing staff to test for any other things related to the game and send the report to the engineers so that they can be fixed. Once all of these things have been catered to then the game becomes ready to be released to the public. Thereafter, the sequel of the game is launched by figuring out a better version of the game while keeping the necessary players intact.

Duly note that the best tools for gaming apps are Unity, Unreal Engine, Crown SDK, AppGameKit, and Lumberyard. Similarly, languages that a person should know in order to develop a mobile app are C++, HTML5, and Java.

Therefore, it is clear that in order to develop a demanding mobile application you need to meet certain guidelines and criteria. However, it is clear to do single-handedly. You should hire a team of developers and engineers to help you with the same. But, prior to that, you would need investment to pay a salary for your employees. You will need either angel investors or venture capitalists.

On the other hand, you have a secondary option to hire a mobile app design, and development company like Doomshell and pay them a sum to do so. This will barely cost you and will help you meet your project deadlines.