Reason to Choose Python for AI-based Project

Processing data in the most convenient yet effective ways is an easy task. It requires rigorous language learning and coding efforts. However, most businesses are very confused about the choice of coding language. The vast availability of different languages makes the job for developers to choose the language to meet industry requirements as well as efficiency. However, in comparison to any other coding language, Python is one of the easiest languages to learn and code for AI-based projects. It’s object-oriented programming (OOPs), and rapid application development approach make it also a quite sound language for AI-projects.

Moreover, there are currently more than 1 million Python developers in India. It is the third most popular data science language after JavaScript and SQL. Also, according to a GitHub report, Python is the second most popular language after JavaScript. Additionally, it is also the 5th most popular web development language after JavaScript, SQL, C#, Java, and PHP.

But, apart from these basic benefits, here are 7 other reasons to choose Python for AI projects:

1. In-built Library

Unlike other OOPs coding languages, Python offers a range of basic coding in its inbuilt library ecosystem. This saves a lot of time and avoids starting the code from scratch every time. The purpose-driven coding libraries such as Scikit learn, Pandas, Keras, TensorFlow, and others simplify the journey of a developer. But, if you don’t have knowledge about these libraries, then it is best to hire a Python developer.

2. More Testing

The library of purpose-driven coding languages already also allows finishing the coding faster. Thus, giving more time to test the AI functioning of the project. Also, in comparison to other OOPs programming languages, Python takes 1/5th of the time.

3. Flexibility in Programming

The flexibility of opting to use any OOPs language or scripting is an added advantage of Python. It also provides the flexibility to make minute changes so that the project or application becomes up and running in no time. This can be done on any number of different OSs. Thus, it makes it easier for new developers to learn, and implement. Therefore, if you want to get the best results from your AI projects, you should opt to hire python developers in India.

4. Programming with Platform Independence

Developers often struggle from switching programming languages to a platform such as macOS to Windows, or vice-versa. However, Python is a platform-independent open-source language. Therefore, it is capable of running on Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix, and 21 other systems. In order to transfer to second platform developers only need to make a few changes. Additionally, the assistance of packages like PyInstaller makes it easier for developers to run code on different platforms.

5. Support from the Community

Apart from being a great and easy to learn a programming language, Python is also supported by developer community support. Therefore, developers can always find solutions to their problems in the community. Moreover, there is also a huge community of Python developers who are always willing to assist their fellow friends.

6. Increasing Popularity in the Developer Community

Python is becoming aggressively popular because it is easy to learn, has features to support new coders, and saves time as well as efforts. Millions of developers are now willing to learn Python and implement it in AI projects. This rise in popularity has made it easier to hire Python developers in India. It also saves time for organizations in hiring multipurpose developers.

7. Smooth Exchange of Algorithm, Ideas, and Tools

Developers and their peers find Python an easy-to-read language. Therefore, all AI and ML professionals can easily exchange their algorithms, ideas, and tools and among themselves. Also, interactive tools like IPython also allow to easily test, debug, tag, etc.

Moreover, Python is a widespread language in travel, healthcare, fintech, and transportation domains. Google, Instagram, Survey Monkey, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, Uber, DropBox, and Pinterest are few of the popular companies that are either using AI or ML features of Python.

To conclude, inbuilt library, less coding, readability, popularity, support from a community of 1 million Python experts, flexibility and platform independence make Python the most suitable programming language. Therefore, you should hire python developers in India for completing any AI or ML projects.

Hiring a Python development company in India is also an option to think about. A team of expert Python developers will provide much more value to your company. Secondly, their faster and smoother implementation will provide you with sufficient test time.

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