School Administrative Software: How to choose the best one for your institute?

The administrative tasks of a school such as maintaining attendance registers, generating report cards, creating id cards, managing transportation, supervising hostels management, can become quite tedious. However, using the right School Administrative Software (SAS) can lighten this burden.

What is School Administrative Software ?

Well, SAS or School Administrative Software, as enunciated by its name is a software for managing all administrative activities of an educational institution. It is widely used in many schools, colleges, and universities. SAS shouldn’t be confused with the School Management System Software, which is a fully functional ERP system with more features than SAS. But, it definitely offers the most viable solutions for admins in an educational institution.

Benefits Offered by School Administrative Software

SAS has a number of benefits and features. Some of them are as follows:

Student Information Database

Admins working in an educational institution can use this feature of SAS to store basic databases of a student during their academic journey. This can include details like parent/guardian, address, report cards, teacher remarks, attendance, etc. The administrator controlling the SAS can feel free to update the database by coordinating with the teachers or as and when the data becomes available.

Generating Certificates

Every school, college or university requires different kinds of certificates time and again. These could range from certificate of appreciation to bonafide certificates. However, the format of each certificate differs from each other in shape, size, style, layout, and color. However, with the help of SAS, educational institutions can easily manage and takeout printouts using its certificate creator and generator functions.  This makes the tasks associated with certificates quite easy to do.

Maintaining Gradebooks

Creating student report cards was a very difficult and tiresome job before the evolution of a SAS. But, not so much after its implementation. With the help of a ‘gradebook generator’, the SAS administrator could easily printout student report cards in bulk while adhering to the size and format as per the examination format selected by the institution.

Creating Id Cards

As per the norms set by educational institutions, all staff & faculty members, as well as students, have to be prescribed with a valid ID card. This card needs to be carried to the institution on a daily basis for identification purposes. Fresh photos of members and students are updated every year on their ID cards. SAS ID generator feature allows admins to create such identification cards for students, staff and faculty members.

Managing Accounts

Managing income and expenses can be a tedious task for an admin like any other task. However, schools majorly have to keep a track of fees which is potentially the income of the educational institution. SAS helps to keep track, maintain accounts as well as print receipts for receivables over the counter as well as online with the help of its accounting feature. This also really helps institutions to keep a track of their dues.

Managing Payroll and Payslips

Payslip and payroll management is a vital part of any institution, however, it can become quite a time-consuming task for any administrator especially when it involves taxation. But, by implementing SAS and using its payroll and payslip features the task in hand becomes very easy. The payslips can be easily generated once every month and distributed amongst the staff and faculty members. It also helps to automate payroll breakup calculation and has tools to calculate tax.

Recording Attendance

Recording attendance of students, staff and faculty members is crucial for any institution. Therefore, they are assigned registered and regular attendance is taken during classes at school. However, this is attendance is also needed to generate reports or mark remarks in reports. SAS admins can easily upload the register attendance from the teacher’s to register and upload them to generate such reports or understand the behavior of the students.  

Curating TimeTable

Organizing time-tables can become time-consuming especially when they are pf varied types such as class-wise, teacher-wise, and institutional timetables. But, with the assistance of timetable features in SAS, administrators can easily make such timetables without consuming much of their valuable time.

Communicating via SMS

Schools tend to alert as well as notify parents time and again. However, their initial communication mechanism used to be via a phone call or through a post. But, with the advancement of technology schools have found a new way to keep in touch with parents. The new SAS SMS (short messaging service) allows school admins to notify or alert parents in with bulk messaging. This means admins can create batches and send notification on parents mobile instantaneously in the form of an SMS.

Making Reports

Last, but not least, the reporting feature of SAS allows admins to generate custom reports based on various modules. This is a very essential and useful function for school management as it allows them to make or take decisive decisions for the institution.

Conclusively, SAS not only helps the administrators, but also the school management, and staff in taking crucial decisions. At the same time, it is very useful for saving hours which can now be spent on more productive tasks. Doomshell Softwares Pvt Ltd Have Best School Management ERP Software So Contact Us For Demo.