The Major SEO Trends for Small Businesses in 2020

Small-business owners who are getting familiar with the contemporary business market need to ensure online visibility. There are many ways to achieve that goal. In this article, we’re going to discuss the most important SEO trends for SMB-owners in 2020.

For starters, you need to understand that all the content you publish online should be optimized for readers/Internet users and various digital tools. The optimization process can include various activities, so we’re going to cover the top five aspects related to SEO that new entrepreneurs should focus on.

  • Frictionless user experience

The number of Internet users is constantly rising, as is the variety of business services distributed on the Web. This proportional growth of supply and demand rapidly changes the criteria of a desired online environment.

These changes are mainly visible in the habits of Internet users in terms of user experience (UX). They’re becoming more sophisticated and less patient. In a nutshell, they require fast and responsive solutions as soon as possible.

In line with that, SMB-owners need to pay a lot of attention to UX. From the first moment a user puts their eye on your website, everything needs to go without any friction. Landing pages, checkout sections, navigation between the homepage and other pages, everything needs to be spick and span.

In other words, you need to pack UX into SEO to ensure repeat visitors and higher conversion rates.

  • Witty, human writing

Original and purposeful writing lies at the core of every well-thought-out content SEO strategy. While this is common knowledge, it’s not always easy to apply this rule to your own online channels.

In 2020, SMB-owners need to pay special attention to the nuances in creating materials for the Internet.

Even though artificial intelligence is gaining momentum, writing-wise, SMB-owners still need to rely on their own skills. What you need is a convincing and attractively written copy behind every product or service you offer.

That’s why you should ensure witty, human writing on every Internet platform that your business uses. Feel free to write some of your social media posts and blog articles alone. Don’t worry if you don’t sound like a professional writer. Sometimes, it’s more important for the audience to hear the voice of the business owner. This will add to the authenticity of your business. After all, they want to see the face behind the products and services they’re buying or using.

On the other hand, you also need to have a professional writer at your disposal, for more complex writing and demanding guest posts.

The thing is that materials written in an original way by an authority from the niche will add to the shareability and trustworthiness of your content. As a result, your SEO-results will thrive, as well.

  • Purposeful, clickable materials

Search engine optimization was focused on the number of published links for a long time. From backlinks and inbound links to keyword density within one textual unit and long-tail keywords, the technical aspect used to be more important.

Today, however, things are changing very fast in that area, as well. For starters, SEO-experts don’t overfill articles with keywords anymore. The improvements in the algorithms of search engines – mainly performed by Google – have forces those professionals to focus on the quality of materials.

While it’s still important to use relevant keywords for your niche and your marketing goals, that’s not the essence of SEO. Nowadays, keywords are used to target your audience more easily but they’re only assistants in your effort. The leader of the pack is relevant and useful content.

That’s why SMB-owners and all other business pros should provide their readers and visitors with purposeful clickable materials. In other words, every link or external source you decide to put in your content bits should represent additional value for your readers. Quoting experts from your niche, adding links to important analyses or infographics, and embedding informative videos in your articles are just some of the ways to strengthen your SEO-strategy with some trendy features.

  • Mobile-friendly SEO

The whole world is turning mobile. This is extremely important for SMB-owners who don’t want to miss that part of the market in their SEO efforts.

To cut a long story short, it’s crucial to approach your content and the technical aspects of your website from a mobile point of view.

As for the content, adapt your content materials to different devices. This means that you should avoid long sentences and paragraphs. Break down your articles, guides, and analyses to several sequels. Use crispy and easily digestible language and wording.

On your landing pages, highlight what’s important and leave out the rest. On your checkout sections, remove all the details that might cause confusion.

You want to reach conversions quickly, sell your goods fast, and keep your business rolling.

From the technical aspect, go for a light and breezy website. Avoid huge images, heavy videos, and too many graphical details. As advised by the artists from a design company in Houston, Texas, be resourceful and concise at the same time. You’ll achieve this by keeping everything simple but useful for your audience.

If necessary, you can launch a mobile app, in addition to your mobile-friendly website to cover all the digital bases of practical SEO.


Putting a handful of SEO-strategies on your content and marketing agenda is a must today. No matter how great a professional you are, nobody will see your products or find out about you if you’re invisible online. The elements of search engine optimization will help you to properly prepare your content and technical materials for search engines and Internet users. We hope that our SEO-tips will be useful for your new beginning as a small-business owner.